Homemade Deodorant Stick Recipe for Sensitive Skin

Make your own homemade deodorant. It’s not a new idea here on Thank Your Body. In fact, my original homemade deodorant recipe for sensitive skin is still one of my most popular posts… and one of my most trusted recipes. I’ve used that recipe for several years. It’s worked better than any store bought stuff I’ve used and a whole lot safer. (Get the original recipe here and learn why I ditched commercial deodorant.)

So why another homemade deodorant recipe?

I’ll give you one word: LAZY.

Okay, maybe that one word doesn’t really convey the whole story. After all, if laziness were my most telling virtue I don’t think I’d ever be making my own deodorant. I mean, it’s just so easy to buy something at the store.

Here’s the deal: I had a baby last year. Kiddo #2. Nothing earth shattering about that as plenty of women do it (and are awesome enough to have even more kids!). But I noticed that when baby D came around I just wanted things a little easier. And as silly or stupid as it may seem, I was sick of using my deodorant in a jar. I know, lazy. But when you aren’t sure what day you’re going to get your next shower, taking an extra thirty seconds to wash the left over deodorant off your fingers is just too much. (Yes, there’s a bit of sarcasm in there, but on my really tired days I can’t honestly say I felt this way.)

This whole “not wanting to swipe my deodorant with my fingers” thing actually took me to my favorite real foods market where I added some (pricey but non-toxic) deodorant to my shopping cart. I looked at the ingredients and wasn’t surprised to see a similar list as what I make myself.

“Just this once.” I told myself. “And then I’ll make my own again.”

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